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Keeping your little athlete’s teeth safe

As a parent, you want to ensure your little one can give their all without worrying about dental injuries. At Dentistry for Children of West Essex, our high-quality mouthguards are designed to safeguard their teeth during sports activities.

With an emphasis on durability and protection, our West Orange dental mouthguards provide a reliable shield for their precious smiles. Book an appointment today and let us help you keep your child’s teeth safe so they can focus on achieving their dreams!

Questions about mouthguards

Why is wearing a mouthguard important for children?

Wearing a mouthguard is crucial for children because it helps protect their teeth, gums, and jaws from potential injuries during sports activities and active play. Mouthguards reduce the risk of dental trauma and give you peace of mind.

Are custom mouthguards better than generic ones?

Yes, custom mouthguards are designed specifically for your child’s unique dental structure, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. They provide optimal protection and are more comfortable to wear compared to generic alternatives. We specialize in creating custom mouthguards that offer the highest level of safety and comfort for your child.

How often should my child replace their mouthguard?

We recommend replacing your child’s mouthguard at least once a year or whenever it shows signs of wear and tear. Regular use and contact with saliva can affect the durability and hygiene of the mouthguard. Additionally, as your child’s dental structure may change over time, it’s important to ensure a proper fit for optimal protection.

Mouthguards at our practice

Safeguard your child’s smile with our specialized mouthguards tailored to their unique needs.

Nightguards for Teens

Protect your teen’s teeth from the damaging effects of teeth grinding with our custom nightguards. Designed to provide a comfortable fit, our nightguards alleviate the symptoms of bruxism and promote better oral health.

Sports Mouthguards

Ensure your child’s smile stays safe during sports activities with our custom sports mouthguards. Designed for optimal comfort and maximum protection, our sports mouthguards are perfect for athletes of all ages and help prevent sports-related dental injuries. Invest in their smile’s safety today!

Don’t wait, give your child the protection they deserve. Book an appointment and explore our custom mouthguard options.

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Are restorative treatments covered by my insurance?

The coverage of mouthguards can vary depending on the specific insurance plan. Our dedicated team at Dentistry for Children of West Essex can assist you in understanding your insurance benefits and help maximize your coverage.

We also accept CareCredit and other payment options like credit cards, checks, and cash!

*Dr. Persily, our orthodontist, does not participate in Aetna or Cigna.

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“Dr. Iva Leroy was very thorough and attentive to my daughter. She also gave me much insightful information on how I can improve my child’s oral care.”

– Shari G.

Why your child will love us

At Dentistry for Children of West Essex, we create a welcoming environment where children feel comfortable, heard, and valued. Our friendly staff and personalized care make every dental visit a positive experience for you and your kids.

Schedule an appointment today and let us provide exceptional dental care in a warm and nurturing setting.

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