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Composite dental fillings are an effective and quick solution for fixing cavities and restoring confidence and brightness to your child’s smile.

Our West Orange dental fillings blend beautifully with natural teeth, ensuring a healthy and happy look. Our commitment is to provide top-notch dental care for kids from infancy through their teenage years, including kids with special needs. Our friendly staff, full of expertise, makes each dental visit a blend of fun and learning, ensuring your child feels comfortable and excited about their dental health. Ready to start? Schedule a visit today!

Questions about white fillings for kids

What are composite fillings?

Composite fillings are tooth-colored materials used to restore decayed teeth. They blend seamlessly with your child’s natural teeth, providing a durable and aesthetic solution.

Are dental fillings painful for children?

We prioritize your child’s comfort. With gentle techniques and sedation options, the process of getting West Orange dental fillings with us is typically pain-free and comfortable for children.

How long do dental fillings last?

With proper care, composite fillings can last for many years. Regular dental check-ups help ensure their longevity.

Can my child eat normally after getting a filling?

Yes, your child can eat normally, but we recommend waiting until the numbness wears off. We’ll provide specific aftercare instructions.

Why are composite fillings preferred for children?

Composite fillings are safe, durable, and match the natural color of teeth, making them an ideal choice for children.

Nurturing Your Child’s Smile, Today and Tomorrow

We’re dedicated to creating a foundation for lifelong dental health. By making dental visits a fun adventure, we ease any nerves and teach your child to love caring for their teeth. Plus, we’re always ready to advise parents on keeping those little teeth in great shape, ensuring a future full of happy, healthy smiles.

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Are fillings covered by my insurance?

Wondering about insurance for fillings? Our friendly team will help you navigate your plan to understand what’s covered and provide a clear cost estimate. Our flexible payment options, including CareCredit, credit cards, checks, and cash, are here to make things smooth and easy for you.

*Dr. Persily, our orthodontist, does not participate in Aetna or Cigna.

Stories That Make Us Smile


“Dr. Iva Leroy was very thorough and attentive to my daughter. She also gave me much insightful information on how I can improve my child’s oral care.”

– Shari G.

A place your child will love

Transforming a dental visit into a fun adventure, that’s our specialty. With a touch of gentle care and a heartwarming environment, we ensure each visit is a blast.

For our anxious or special needs patients, we have soothing sedation options to make them feel completely at ease. We’re here to make every dental journey a joyful and empowering one, creating lasting smiles and fond memories.

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